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Top Frequently Asked Questions:

EndGrain Cutting Boards are premium hardwood cutting boards made from pieces of end-grain maple and walnut. Each piece of wood is carefully inspected for quality before being joined together and assembled. We perfected our boards by providing deeper juice grooves on one side that will help catch all those delicious juices coming off your cooked meats. The bottom is engineered to help provide better gripping for whenever you need to relocate your EndGrain.

Traditionally a cutting board is made of edge-grain configuration, long face pieces glued together, whereas a butcher block is thicker (at least 2 inches) pieces of end-grain wood, glued together at the edges. EndGrain Cutting Boards are like a traditional butcher block in that they are pieces of walnut and maple end-grain joined together on the edges and faces but designed to be more versatile; perfect for everyday use and not just for cutting meat.

We use an FDA approved PVA glue that is waterproof.

Your board is unique! Wood is a natural product and the color of the wood and the appearance of the grain can change from tree to tree. In addition, each board is handcrafted in our workshop, and the pattern of end-grain pieces is decided during its construction.

Due to the nature of end-grain pieces, the orientation of the grain of the wood runs perpendicular to our tools. Our tools have to cut against the grain, which can make the individual grain pattern more apparent.

We chose not to add rubber feet for a few reasons:

1. Adding rubber feet may require drilling into the bottom of the board, affecting the integrity of the board’s construction.

2. We wanted our cutting boards to serve multiple purposes – not just as a carving surface for juicy, grilled meats. By creating a side without juice channels, we also created a multipurpose premium end-grain cutting board.

3. If you desire more stability, you can cut non-slip shelf liner to fit or use a silicone potholder under the cutting board to further stabilize it on your countertop or table.

Our EndGrain Cutting Boards are handmade at our workshop in Louisville, KY USA.

Size Dimensions

Carving – 24 x 18 x 2.25 in / 61 x 45.7 x 5.7 cm

Cutting – 18 x 14 x 2 in / 45.7 x 35.6 x 5 cm

Charcuterie – 16 x 12 x 1.75 in / 40.6 x 60.5 x 4.4 cm


Carving – 22 lbs. / 10 kg

Cutting – 13 lbs. / 5.8 kg

Charcuterie – 9 lbs. / 4 kg

DO NOT put your EndGrain Cutting Board through the dishwasher or submerge it in water! This will warp your EndGrain Cutting Board, can destroy the finish, and cause the wood to separate from the joints (maybe all at once).

1. Carefully scrape off any remaining food with a flat, steel scraper or a spatula. DO NOT use a steel brush or any other comparable tool on the block’s surface. These will scratch and damage the surface of the cutting board. 

2. Use EndGrain Soap and warm water to wipe down all surfaces with a sponge, dish cloth, or soft brush. This soap leaves a great smell while removing any remaining foodborne germs. If EndGrain Soap is not at hand, either mild dish soap or a 1:1 vinegar water solution will work. 

3. Dry the block thoroughly using a lint-free kitchen towel. Then set the board on its edge in a dishrack to allow any remaining moisture to evaporate evenly from the top and bottom of the board. If a dishrack is not available, then prop the cutting board on its corner on the counter so air flows equally across all surfaces.

Your EndGrain Cutting Board will arrive oiled and waxed so you can use it right away. BUT do season your board several times during the first two weeks of having your board. End-grain cutting boards are more porous and can handle more oil than a typical wood edge-grain cutting board. There’s no such thing as too much oil, the wood won’t take on any more oil once it’s fully saturated. Just remember to wipe off the extra using a lint-free kitchen towel and to set your EndGrain Cutting Board to dry on its edge to allow the air to flow evenly around the surfaces of the board.

- Do not EVER put your EndGrain Cutting Board through the dishwasher.

- Do not EVER submerge your EndGrain Cutting Board in water or liquid.

- Do not stick your knives into the board (this can cause gouging and splintering)

- Do not put hot utensils, pots and pans, or something like hot water kettle on your board (hot cooked meats are fine).

- Do not put your board in the microwave, fridge, or oven. These appliances can introduce heat or moisture or may dry out the board, which will affect the longevity of your EndGrain Cutting Board by causing the board to warm and joints to split, possibly all at the same time.

- Do not store your board anywhere near heat sources or extreme cold. Wood is a natural substance and will expand and contract accordingly. This expansion and contraction can cause splitting between end-grain joints and even within the wood itself.

Believe it or not a wood cutting board is more sanitary than a plastic board. Any moisture on the surface of the wood cutting board is wicked into the interior (including bacteria that’s present in the moisture). Wood dries from the inside out, and bacteria can’t survive without moisture, so as the board dries the bacteria dies. A plastic cutting board will end up with cuts and grooves from use over time which gives the bacteria more places to hide and multiply on a plastic cutting board even after cleaning.

EndGrain values all of its customers and we take the product we provide to our customers very seriously. Read our full Return Policy here.

You can call our Customer Care Team at (502)-200-7160 Monday-Friday, 9-6pm ET. Or you can send us an email using

Currently the best way to purchase the EndGrain Cutting Board is to buy it directly from Pit Barrel Cooker Company online store. If you have any questions regarding placing an order online, please contact our Customer Care Team at 

(502) – 200 – 7160 or email us:

EndGrain Cutting Boards have a 30-day Limited Warranty for any damages or defects as a result from manufacturing. The warranty does not apply to the following:

- Normal wear and tear and stains

- Intentional or accidental action

- Using board for other reasons than intended purpose

- Cleaning in the dishwasher

- Exposing board to excessive heat, cold, or open flame

- Storing in damp or humid areas that could result in warping

- Insufficient oiling and/or care of the board

- Any alterations or abuse

Any shipping related issue should be reported to customer service as soon as possible. Please contact customer service by calling 502-200-7160 or by email at